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Continued Professional Development

It is a requirement of Osteopathic registration that we annually undergo 30 hours of Continued Professional Development ("CPD"). Ashling has to additionally complete another 30 to keep her acupuncture registration and again for her SIRPA and NLP memberships.

Annabelle is off to Maidstone, again to attend ESO.s Visceral Course - learning how to manipulate organs to improve health. Ashling was facilitating at an NLP course last weekend, "Dare to Dream"

On Monday evening Ashling met up with The Wessex Group of Osteopaths to refresh her skills on reading MRI scans and when to refer patients. Did you know we can refer you privately for scans, X-Rays and MRI's in Bournemouth?

Sarah Wilson, the massage therapist, is travelling around Europe currently but will be back at the end of the summer refreshed and invigorated.

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