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Did you know we can send you directly to a surgeon for NHS treatment?

Last week I attended an evening lecture by local spinal surgeon, Andrew Hilton. He showed us how easily he is able to treat spontaneous (no trauma) thoracic spine (upper back) fractures due to osteoporosis.

THE NUGGET - if you know, or suspect you have, osteoporosis and that your upper ,back pain is another fracture, it is vital to see a surgeon and get treatment in under three months. Here is where we at Moore Health Clinic can help. If you are a patient of ours we can refer you directly to see Mr Hilton for the surgery. No need to wait to get an appointment to see the GP first.

The surgery is a quick procedure whereby the crushed bone is "filled", restoring spinal height and "uprightness" and thus halting subsequent fractures of the spine due to pressure on the bones if the curve was allowed to increase.

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