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Latest Clinic News
Incase you haven't received my emails, I am now working solely from The Optimal Health Group Clinic in West Stratton, just north of Winchester.  The OHG is a naturopathic clinic which incorporates a wealth of state of the art machines such as Cellsonic, Optimal Bioresonance, Brain Mapping, Papimi, Biophoton Light Therapy, Voice Analysis Sound Therapy, all of which I have spent the last 10 months learning how to use as an adjunct to the hands on therapy most of you will have experienced in the past when coming to see me.  I still work as an Osteopath, Cranial Osteopath, Medical Acupuncturist, SIRPA practitioner, NLP practitioner, and Clinical hypnotherapist, I've just added to my repertoire some more ways to help you.  I look forward to seeing you in the new clinic.  We are located just outside Winchester, in a rural location, surrounded by fields, with lots of easy free parking right outside the clinic.  
Is there someone you know who would also be helped by an appointment with me?  If so, please recommend me! You can do so by word of mouth to friends, and family, but also on Google using this link:-
NEW HOME VISITING CLINIC - home, work, care home
For the past 25+ years I have been asked by patients, children of elderly, or infirm parents, midwives etc to see patients within their own homes, care home, hospice, hospital, or work setting. I usually declined.  I am now in a position whereby I am happy to be able to offer you this service.  
You can speak to one of the care team at the clinic to book in 03302236553 or text me on the usual number.  Tell the bookings team that you are already a patient of mine for a discounted rate.  
It isn't possible for you to book yourself in online as I need to be able to manage my diary effectively for home visits.  For example, it obviously isn't time efficient, or possible, to be in Gussage St Michael at 9am, Winchester at 11am, Lymington at 11.30am and Poole at noon! 
Make an appointment by sending me a text to say you would like an appointment at home, at work, or for someone in a care home.  Please include your full name, the location you'd like to be seen at, eg at home, St Cross, Winchester, and some suggestions of suitable days and times.  I will then arrange my week, and my route, then get back to you to firm up our meeting at a mutually convenient time.
Please ensure you fill out the online home visiting information form (that will be emailed to you) prior to any visit, as I don't want to keep you waiting whilst I'm driving around looking for a parking space.  My clinic kit is heavy, and bulky, so I would like to park as close to the entrance door as possible.
If there is a suitable private, clean, quiet, space from which to set up a treatment couch, I am happy to visit you at your place of work as a one off, or for regular weekly/fortnightly appointments for just you, or for you and your colleagues.  Contact me to discuss further.  It could be a great office perk!
If your baby is the patient, even if you haven't decided upon their name yet, please book the appointment in their name using "BABY" as first name and then baby's surname.  This can be changed when you have made your final name choice.  There is space on the case history form asking for your details too.  This is emailed to you after booking online or after a home/hospital visit has been arranged.
Sadly, I no longer work at The Wessex Clinic in Lymington.
I no longer work in Bournemouth or Poole, just Winchester.
In the past year I've done more Food Sensitivity Tests than ever - the youngest patient being an "aggressive toddler" and the oldest an 84 year old lady suffering with severe and embarrassing flatulence. 
I have specialist knowledge about living with coeliac disease.

Facebook - "Moore Health Pain Relief Clinic" and "Winchester Acupuncture Osteopathy Clinic" - follow for further updates and information.

Our Services:
  • Pregnancy-care Specialist

  • Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy

  • Medical Acupuncture

  • Electroacupuncture

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy - for pain, phobias, stop smoking

  • Food Allergy Testing

  • Nutritional Advice

  • SIRPA UK Consultation - resolution of chronic pain

  • Neuro-lingusitic programming "NLP"

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop
Opening Hours:

Weekdays 8am until 4pm


Book yourself in using the link above or below

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Check with your medical insurance provider before booking an appointment
For Emergencies Call 999, 111,
or go to A&E at your nearest hospital
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